Stereo Test Record Sleeve Notes

Feel the static, check the speakers, ride the airwaves and end up where you find yourself. Musings sound better with purpose and this collection gels by way of the laboratory

Nearly six tracks exploring a world of dust and interference, treading sure-foot with a confidence befit of the innocent

Speaker Phasing Test:

We land at night. The sky haze displays Orion’s Belt to full effect. First, a series of audio tests on a touch of interference from outer space, while we sort out which speaker is which


Murmurings from the Welsh mountains, tumbling in time to the chant of sodden monks, enveloping our surroundings. Occasionally the weather breaks to trickling drops, and a welcome brightening of our wellbeing


Heavy-footed we march in time, slightly out of phase, our footsteps filling the space, for the ears of those ahead of our approach


The meeting, and things get dread. What’s this? A real instrument. We appear to have awoken a heavy spirit, so we tiptoe around the edges towards the light


The throb of all things living. We peddle our feet and flap our arms in open optimism, ‘till we realise we’re soaring and swirling ever upwards until gone


And so we flutter away like a fading memory, a bittersweet moment

Released March 1, 2024

Stereo Test Record is available as a digital download on Bandcamp